Curious to know your odds of landing the job you wanted?

From these interesting hiring statistics published by Inc. Plus, only four to six people of the 250 applicants in a corporate job opening will be called for an interview. Of this number, only 1 will be ultimately offered a job. That’s a staggering 0.4%.

So how do you better your chances of getting that dream job then? Below are some employee traits that you need to have or develop to grow your career.

Trait #1: Leadership and the willingness to take over

Leadership, together with collaboration, and communication has long been regarded as the three traditional soft skills.

Do all employees have leadership potential?

Obviously, no. Star employees may be equipped with the technical expertise required for the job, but some of them are content with doing their share and taking the backseat.

An article published by Forbes supports the argument of choosing high-potential employees for leadership positions. But what comprises a high-potential employee? It’s “people, intellectual, change and motivation potential.”

Gone are the days that employees assign team leads based on mere intelligence or people skills. Now, you have to grow both.

Trait #2: Knowledge that is more than just a college degree

In the past, it’s almost imperative to at least have a college degree to ‘have a shot’ at getting a promising career. But with the innumerable amount of college graduates the academia has produced within the last two decades, bachelor’s degrees became more like prerequisites than ‘something to brag.’

Does that mean I have to flunk school?

No. It just means that a college degree needs to be reinforced by something. For instance, if you’re an I.T. degree holder, pairing your diploma with an Associate level of Cisco Certifications help make employers take a second look at your CV.

Outside certifications, you also need to display curiosity and commitment during and after the job interview to prove that you don’t get tired of learning.

Trait #3: Owning their strengths

Remember the time when you showed the world how you ate that chocolate bar inside a candy shop before it got paid by your mom? You claimed it.

The same rationale applies to selling your skills.

For instance, if you’re an accounting and finance graduate, don’t just say, “I’m good at making tax reports.”

Own it.

You can say “I really love making tax reports – I even tutor small businesses on how to legally minimize their income tax due through tax planning.”

Trait #4: Being proactive

Sure, employers love people who execute their orders as stated. But they sure hate one who doesn’t have a single dose of being proactive.

How do you manifest being proactive?

It’s offering assistance when you see the opportunity to help. Your manager struggling with his workload? You’re not urged to help, but offering help shows you care.

How to be proactive during the interview?

Simply ask relevant questions related to the job description. The hiring manager will surely take note!

Trait #5: Has a knack for problem-solving

In the workplace, you’ll frequently face difficult situations which have no standardized solution. There could be many ways to solve it, but of course, your employer wants you to be efficient.

The hiring manager will usually ask you about an adversity that you were able to overcome. You have to be cautious of the story you’ll tell because he’ll gauge your problem-solving skills through it.

For instance, if you lost your slide file in your college presentation, what did you do about it?Prove how your brain worked in the situation!

Can you name other employee traits that employers find irresistible? Please do share it below.


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