As the oft-quoted saying goes, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” A person could be the most skilled or qualified candidate you’ve met for a job, but if he or she cannot work with others or handle being supervised then any potential would definitely go to waste.

Aptitude Vs. Attitude

In the last recent years, more and more companies are also paying attention how a candidate fits their organization’s overall vision. This means assessing a candidate’s cultural and behavioral fit in the workplace. Gone are the days when an applicant can skate by with his or her skills and qualifications alone.

As today’s business field gets much stiffer, it makes sense to optimize every part of a company’s hiring process. Hiring the right people is crucial because employees are the lifeblood of any business, whether big or small.

In fact, it’s been assessed that businesses who hire primarily based on skill, as much as 46% failed due to attitudinal reasons. A discouraging figure given that that was the standard of hiring for so long.

This is not to say that hiring managers should disregard skills, but to look beyond that and consider an applicant’s attitude as part of the whole package.

So how does one hire with aptitude and attitude in mind?

First, get to know your company’s cultural and behavioral values. If teamwork is a crucial part of your working atmosphere, then hire collaborative, team-oriented people. If sales skills is one of the main driving forces of your company, then hire people who are persuasive and go-getters.

The right attitude is what allows for smooth working interactions and the right aptitude is what results in productive behavior, so pay attention to both and you’re on your way to having more quality people on your team.


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