Your organization’s progress goes hand-in-hand with your employees’ advancement. The latter can be much simpler with the help of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority short courses.

The Problem of Career Stagnation

Research has shown that employees’ morale have a direct impact on businesses. In the US, surveys have shown that only 32% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. The other 68% end up costing the US economy up to 550 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. One of the causes of employee disengagement is career stagnation.

When employees feel that there’s no more room for growth with a company, they become disengaged. If you want to boost your employees’ morale, you have to make them feel valued. The best way to do this is to show them that you are thinking about their professional growth. This is where TESDA short courses come in.

As a good HR manager, you can offer trainings and boost your employees’ capabilities. This is an effective solution for career stagnation. This will help your people align their future visions with the company. In turn, they will be more actively engaged in their jobs.

Why take TESDA short courses?

TESDA offers opportunities for people looking to advance their capabilities. Because it is a government agency, it offers these opportunities at a very low cost, even free.

A TESDA short course can also help people who work in a company with diverse roles. People feeling career stagnation may want to keep working at the same company but at a different job. A TESDA short course can give them the skills those new roles require.

What TESDA short courses can your employees take?

If you want those short courses for free, TESDA offers them online. The TESDA online program wants to make technical education more available to Filipinos. This program can remove most barriers stopping your employees from self-actualization.

Short courses being offered include:

  • web development;
  • animation;
  • mobile development;
  • tourism;
  • agriculture;
  • cookery;
  • electronics; and
  • many more

This will empower your employees with the skills needed to advance in whatever career path they are currently following, whether it’s in an office situation or if it’s more hands-on.

How do the employees enroll?

Should your employees wish to take a short course, they need to first register with the site. This will give them access to TESDA’s learning resources and they can then learn at their own pace.

Do employees need to pay anything?

No, you don’t have to pay anything. Not even if all your employees register for short courses. All of the online TESDA short courses are absolutely free. All you have to do is register and that’s it!

Are certifications given out at the end of each course?

This is the tricky part. Actually, certifications are a separate process altogether. However, your employees can learn on their own time and pace. When they feel that they have a good enough grasp of the materials in the course, they can then go to the nearest TESDA office to take a certification exam.

Will there be support?

The good thing about going to a school or learning center is that there will be teachers to facilitate learning. With online courses, your employees will have to learn on their own, but TESDA did provide forums online where they can voice out their needs and get help. This will also let them communicate with other people who are taking the same course, giving them a sort of classroom environment.

What’s more, you will be able to contact TESDA directly for help if you encounter any technical difficulties with the resources. Their contact information can be found on the e-TESDA website itself.

Filipinos value education and self-improvement. Your employees also value being able to contribute to something that, in turn, helps improve their lives. They are eager to grab any opportunity that comes their way.

Free TESDA short courses can help your employees improve at practically no cost to your company or your employees. It won’t even be an inconvenience. All it takes is for your employees to be willing to learn.


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