Making sure you have the best people working for your company doesn’t stop once you’ve hired the right people. You also need to see to it that you can retain them through the long-term future by keeping them satisfied.

Although a well-paying salary and standout benefits can attract top talents into your stable, it takes more than that to keep them contented enough to stay in the company for years. So how can you increase the job satisfaction rate among your best employees? Below are just some strategies you can use.

Create a Positive, Open Working Atmosphere

This means providing your employees with constructive feedback and listening to their concerns. Inform them of what’s happening with the company. No worker wants to feel like he or she is being ignored or that they’re being attacked. Superiors who take the time out to listen to the concerns of their team and to practice tact are not just respected, but also have more loyal team members who stay for the long haul.

Make them Feel Valued

One of the things that can make workers stay is when they feel like an asset to the company. Acknowledge whatever contributions they made to a project or company and get to know what’s important to them. It also means a lot to employees to have their voice heard on any impending changes or rules in your department or company.

Give them Opportunities for Advancement

There’s nothing like a dead-end job that kills long-term work motivation. Most people are future-oriented and are conscious of their future job growth. Aside from providing different avenues for learning or improving their skills, have a plan for their career development and what other options are available to them in the time ahead.

Why It’s Important to Retain Your Top Talents

Rosemary Haefner, VP of CareerBuilder’s HR Department states that “not recognizing what employees value can lead to lower productivity, more job dissatisfaction, and higher turnover.“

This is why it’s essential that companies regularly gauge their workplace and survey their employees to recognize what makes for a positive working experience for them and what are the areas the company can improve on.


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