HR is a rapidly changing and evolving field. New methods are continuously being adapted for better management practices, company output, and employee satisfaction. Though HR is mostly a trial and error process, it would be prudent not to experiment with your company’s employees. Rather than read another blog with office hacks on employee motivation, it would be better to bank on the wisdom and expertise of industry experts who have experienced real results.

If you’re looking for HR events, seminars and conferences in the Philippines, look no further! Here is a list of quality resources that are sure to improve the skills of any HR professional’s arsenal.

Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD)

The PSTD is the country’s premier organization for Human Resource Development (HRD) and Workplace Learning & Performance (WLP). It had just celebrated its 50th anniversary last 2015; proof that it is one of the pioneers in the field.
Unlike other groups which feature random talks and topics depending on the flavor of the month that catches its fancy, PSTD approaches it from a comprehensive perspective. It starts with a solid foundation, and builds up the skillset one level at a time.

To quote from one of its brilliant programs: “The competency framework sets the boundaries for entry level practitioners and provides clear standards for excellence. A globally-benchmarked competency framework ensures that the local practitioners can compete head-on with its international counterparts in terms of expertise. In the end, this set of professional standards also brings the practice closer to becoming a true profession.” Visit their website here:

People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)

PMAP is another major player in the Human Resources circle. It currently has 24 chapters throughout the Philippines and boasts of a huge member base, which is good for when the HR professional wants to network and branch out.
Like PSTD, their training philosophy is geared towards a foundational approach. An example of this is their Leadership Development Program. The participant is trained and mentored by HR gurus and experts, and he also gets the opportunity to expand his network by interacting with key brands and companies.

Examples of its other events include the annual PMAP Awards, which recognize the Employer of the Year and People Manager of the Year. It has numerous resources, but unfortunately their website is membership-based as of the moment. Visit them at

Personnel Officers Association of the Philippines (POAP)

If your company deals with a lot of government branches and departments and you’d like to understand their mindset, then POAP is the organization that should be on your radar. To quote from its website: “POAP extends membership to government officials and employees and to others who are interested in progressive personnel/human resources (HR) management of the Philippine bureaucracy.

Examples of its talks include the following: The Business of Managing Human Capital in the Government; HR Practitioners: Strategic Partners of Management; Alternative Perspectives on Good Governance for Effective Human Resource Management.
Most of its talks are held in the Visayas and Mindanao area, but it holds its National Conferences in Manila. For reservations and inquiries, visit their website at

HR Club Philippines

Don’t let the generic name fool you; HR Club Philippines is a force to be reckoned with in the HR world. They offer specialized topics which are perfect for HR professionals, such as: Compensation and Benefits Management, Company Policy Making and Implementation, Bookkeeping for Non-Accountants, to name a few.

Aside from the talks and seminars, they are also offering a paid membership which gives you access to a lot of resources such as Continuing Online Education, Online HR consultation, and huge discounts on future HR seminars. For premium members, they even have this “Instant HR Toolkit”, which contains downloadable forms, templates and contracts, a huge asset to the HR Professional indeed. To know more about HR Club Philippines, check them out at

ARIVA! Events Management

Ariva is an organization with seminars and conferences on a wide range of HR topics. They offer the following learning events on an Annual basis: HR Expo and Career Fair, Philippine HR Congress, HR & Training Congress, among others.

Specialty wise, they are well-versed in the Business and Marketing aspect and it would be a good idea to check out their other events as well if your company is operating on those fields.

Their talks are usually held in the NCR area, specifically in Crowne Plaza Ortigas and in AIM Makati. For more information check out their website at

HR Nation Philippines

HR Nation Philippines is an up and coming player in the Human Resources scene. Though the website is quite new, it has a wealth of resources to keep you engaged, such as articles, forums, and even a resources page with HR templates and documents free of charge. You’ll get the most out of the site if you register and sign up for the newsletter.

As to seminars and conferences, HR Nation has a lot in store for the HR world this 2016! Take a look at some of its offerings:

  • HR Nation Meetup – If you are interested in meeting with other local HR people on a monthly basis to develop a solid network and add value to your own career, then this would be the venue for you.
  • HR Nation Conference – The headline event which seeks to revitalize the slow paced HR scene! Connect with local HR leaders, recruiters and HR practitioners while keeping the experience dynamic, lively, and interesting. Coming this October 2016 in Manila! Don’t miss your chance to attend this awesome event.

HR Automation Summit

Last but not the least, the HR Automation Summit is one of the more innovative conference in this list. Automation is definitely a process that should be utilized in the office for better efficiency and organization. Check out HR Automation Summit 2016 to know more about its lineup of world class speakers. After being convinced (as we are sure you will,) click on Eventbrite to get your tickets for this April 28, 2016 at the Makati Diamond Hotel.


If you’re willing to put in the time, energy, and effort, growth can be achieved by both you and your employees. After all, human development is a passion that is truly worthy of pursuing and perfecting. Not only will your employees feel happy and fulfilled, your customers will also feel the difference of interacting with a company with a human element. This in turn would translate to better business.

See you at the next event!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams


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