Every employee needs a break every now and then due to the stress and pressure encountered every day at the office. There are times where we just want an additional day off to keep us efficient and productive at work. With the new house bill being passed, would the additional hours of work be more beneficial for employees in order to have a longer weekend?


4 days + 4 hours

The current labor code requires a maximum of 6-days of work a week to cover 8 hours of work a day. According to House Bill (HB) No. 5068, companies are given the option to have their employees work for an additional 4 hours a day and in return be rewarded with a longer weekend. But would employees choose more hours working to have more hours resting?

3 days of rest?

The usual set-up for workers is to come in for 5 days a week with 2 days off – if they’re lucky. There is no denying that a longer weekend is beneficial for every employee but most bosses and/or clients rarely give employees time off. If this bill passes, would it mean that companies would not disturb workers on their rest days to follow-up on certain tasks?

2 tired for 2 long

Working for 8-10 hours is already undeniably exhausting for an average worker, adding 2-4 hours to that will take its toll on their body. A person can only do so much for a day, maybe working longer hours consecutively is probably not a good idea.

1 way to save money

It’s true, employees can save money on transportation and food, and can allot these savings for more important things. Working for 4 days can mean fewer traffic jams and a bonus in choosing to get a Friday off. But is it really worth it?

We’ve narrowed it down to help workers ponder upon the 4-day work week and it’s their decision whether the idea is good or bad for them. Nonetheless, 4-day or 5, we are all equally responsible for our work-life balance.

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