Working as an HR professional may look like an easy job – on the outside. But being on the job itself is truly challenging as you deal with managing the company’s employees daily.

What the rest doesn’t know about HR is its importance beyond recruiting new employees. You should always work with an intention to understand every person you deal with. You maintain open communication and you make sure you can keep them motivated to stay in the company. And lastly, don’t forget about how you should manage payroll and track employee attendance.

Common HR Issues

HR professionals know how tough their work is. Here’s a list with the most common HR issues that makes their job a no-easy task.

  • The long duration it takes to manually process recruitments
  • Effectively managing time to accomplish different tasks
  • Finding and keeping the right employees
  • Supporting company decisions that affects employees
  • Amount of paperwork per HR task like payroll and reports
  • Adding training in the daily work schedule and managing training costs
  • Promoting safety in the workplace
  • Resolving conflicts ranging from property theft and destruction, physical and verbal harassment, to payroll management issues.
  • Outsourcing
  • Being aware of employee rights abuse and discrimination issues in the workplace
  • Keeping up with employment laws and regulations
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Adapting to innovation
  • Understanding compensation and benefits

HR job can be underestimated by those who don’t work in this department. But if issues like the ones mentioned above aren’t handled properly, more problems may arise that won’t only affect the productivity within the workplace but also the entire company foundation as well.

5 Tips That Will Make HR Work Easier

You’ve may have read and can relate to all the issues mentioned. These challenges will be present at any moment and there’s no other way but to deal with each. But, is there any way to make HR-related tasks easier? The answer: yes!

Here are some simply easy ways to get your job done without going through the time-consuming headaches:

1. Can’t find the best people? Say hello to social media

Part of the things to make your job easier is ditching a bit of your old ways to make way for something new. So instead of depending on job boards, paper-based ads, and recruiters who’ll charge you forever; be in the place where everyone is: social media.

Social media is accessible and free to use. Most of the candidates you won’t expect to be interested in working in your company are easily reached here. All it takes is creating that job posting and clicking that post button.

2. Communicate often

Whether what you want to say is positive or corrective, please don’t hesitate to speak up. Communicate daily with employees as it avoids wasting time, resources, and frustration. Doing this makes growing issues corrected immediately.

3. Know what’s happening

In building a successful company, it is important to have a strong culture present among employees. But what if there’s one difficult person that’s been causing delays and losses? How would you identify the root cause? Use feedback mechanisms.

Stay updated about what’s happening in the workplace by using mechanisms such as suggestion boxes, meetings, or online tools that can measure employee satisfaction and engagement in real time. Moreover, there’s nothing better than interacting with the employees and identify the builders and the destroyers of your company culture with your own observations.

4. Focus on employee well-being

Maintaining employee engagement can be puzzling and the best way to solve this problem is to focus on their wellbeing. Make sure that the company can provide what’s needed to meet everyone’s career wellbeing, financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, and community wellbeing. Build a workplace where every person can thrive.

5. Go high-tech

Reduce the paperwork, and save time and energy by using high-tech solutions. As HR technology continues to develop as a buddy that’ll make your work easier, there’s nothing else to wait for but to use one that will suit your needs.

With HR software like Salarium, you can easily track attendance, calculate payroll, and register and pay employees with a few clicks away. Besides these main features, HR software can also enable employees to request the approval of leaves and overtimes, and file expenses.

Making HR work easier doesn’t take a lot of twists and turns before you can achieve it. It doesn’t even require you to spend a lot. Keep it simple by using the available technology and keeping close connection with employees.


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