Onboarding is a crucial part of a new hire’s time in your company. If anything, it tells them a lot about what it is they’re getting into. Will your company give them a good impression? Or will you simply convince them that being part of your company isn’t worth their heartfelt efforts?

Are Your Onboarding Programs Producing Engaged Employees?

Meet Kylie. She’s a young millennial who just got hired at a new airline. She’s excited to be part of this company and wonders what’s in store for her here.

Meet Gerald. He’s the head of HR assigned to onboarding new hires like Kylie. Ever since he read about the importance of engaged employees in the workplace, he’s resolved to improve their company’s onboarding programs. He knows this will get their new hires involved with the company right from the get-go.

There are a few reasons for some onboarding programs failing. See if you can identify with any of these below:

  • Having no manager or department directly take charge of new hires
  • Not having the management interested or involved in new hire orientation
  • Overloading new hires with too much information in a short span of time
  • Looking at onboarding simply as an item on your checklist and not as an actual process that requires planning and follow-up

Whether or not any of these resonate with you, ensuring you have engaged employees will always remain an investment. Satisfied employees might keep a company afloat but engaged employees will help make a company more productive.


How To Engage New Hires

Like Gerald, are you wondering how you can breed engaged workers right from the moment they enter your company? You’re in luck. Here are some ways you can make onboarding programs more meaningful to produce happier, more engaged employees.


1. Find a fun way to make your new hires feel welcome to the company

The best thing about this tip is that there are a variety of ways to go about it. Make their first day memorable and special by introducing them to the rest of the company.

If you have a big LCD screen at the front desk, you can project a personalized welcome message for them there. Another option is to set up a table with treats and cards and a welcome board full of greetings from co-workers. If you’re feeling generous, send them a care package with items that have special meaning to your company.

Be creative. A warm welcome will definitely stick to your new hires and make them feel like the company cares about them. When that happens, they’ll feel a sense of gratitude – enough to fuel them to put their best foot forward, just as you have.


2. Involve co-workers through buddy systems and team-buildings

The thing about onboarding is this: it can’t just be a one-day, one-week type of thing. To onboard new hires means to get them acquainted with a lot of work processes. These processes might not all be covered in their first few days.

To effectively manage a continuous onboarding process can mean getting co-workers to be involved. Your new hires’ co-workers have been in the company long enough to be able to show them the ropes. This also provides an avenue to make sure all your employees are capable of training new hires.


3. Introduce them to company traditions

Make your new hires feel welcome and part of the family by introducing them to company traditions. You might have things like Party Thursdays or Show and Tell Fridays. Be sure to keep the new hires up to steam during your onboarding process. They’ll surely appreciate feeling like they’re one with the company.


4. Have an automated benefits enrollment for new hires

Nothing is more hassle than managing paperwork. In this day and age, technology should be your friend. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork your new hires need to fill out in order to avail of company work benefits. Instead, embrace automated forms of benefits enrollment.

You’ll find that this is an investment. This is not only more convenient for new hires – this will also benefit you and everyone in the company.

5. Tell them your company plans

Today, companies need visionaries who can communicate their plans. The most important thing you want to convey to your new hires is where your company wants to go – as well as how they can help you get there.

Nothing will engage new hires more than knowing that they play a key part in the company’s success.


Where Do You Begin?

Now you have all the ways you can make onboarding engaging for new hires. If you’re unsure where to begin, here’s a tip: talk about it with your co-workers. For sure they have some things in mind for what they wished they’d had during their onboarding back when they were new.

If you follow these steps, you won’t have to worry about people like Kylie feeling engaged and involved in their new workplace. Soon, you might even be the best workplace on the block.



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