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As the government eased restrictions in the country and cities begin to lift lockdown, organizations need to implement new and better safety protocols in the workplace. After witnessing the dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases, and the continuous surge despite the safety measures we take every day, companies must take bold actions to keep their employees safe and healthy.

With the pandemic still going on and the possibility of spreading the new strain of COVID-19, the safety protocols we follow at the workplace, such as wearing face masks, face shields, and practicing social distancing, might not be enough.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a national public health institute in the United States, the novel coronavirus stays on surfaces for hours to days. This implies that the new norm of wearing face masks is not enough to avoid catching the virus.

As organizations require their employees to report on-site, it’s crucial to minimize physical contact at the workplace. This is where hands-free technology will play a key role against different kinds of viruses, not just against COVID-19.

Safe workplace, safe employees

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Other than discouraging employees from shaking hands and advising them to keep at least 1 meter from each other and sanitize their workstations, companies must also consider automating their workplace safety protocols.

If employees are required to report on-site five days a week, it would significantly be possible to contract and transmit the virus faster through highly-touched surfaces such as a biometrics attendance system. By automating timekeeping attendance systems, organizations will minimize physical contact in the workplace and make it safer, especially for their employees.

Now, more than ever, companies must keep on improving safety protocols to promote a healthier and safer environment in the workplace. Automating safety protocols will not only keep employees safe, but it can also enhance the efficiency and accuracy of thermal scanning.These and more are just some of the challenging changes organizations face in the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Salarium is happy to let you know that you don’t need to go through all these daily hassles to ensure your workplace’s safety. You can now safely automate thermal scanning, facemask detection, and attendance tracking with our new service, FacePass: Salarium’s touchless time and attendance solution.

Our solution to yours


Significantly reduce physical contact without sacrificing convenience and efficiency with FacePass: a Touchless Time & Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology).

FacePass is Salarium’s Touchless Time and Attendance Solution. Powered by S.A.F.E. Tech, this service automates your workplace’s safety entry protocols. It efficiently monitors your employees’ time and attendance at the same time—all without the need for physical contact.

This service brings you more than facial recognition timekeeping:

  1. Touchless and Accurate Time and Attendance Monitoring

S.A.F.E Tech records your employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs in REAL-TIME via facial recognition. It’s seamlessly integrated into Salarium’s Timekeeping System, which enables you to:

  • Create, Track, and Manage Shifts and Schedules
  • Manage Overtime, Undertime, and Leaves
  • Complete Attendance Reports Instantly

  1.  Primary Safety Protocol Enforcement

S.A.F.E Tech can make facemasks mandatory—it can accurately recognize your employees in seconds, even with their masks on.

  1. Body Temperature Scanning

S.A.F.E. Tech scans your employees’ body temperature. It alarms when someone exceeds the standard temperature threshold required by the Department of Health (DOH).

Stay Safe, Go Touchless. Visit for more information.


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