Psychology and human resource management are meshed together by one common thing—people. This is why most HR positions require a background in psychology since it benefits most types of human resource work.

Since psychology covers topics like reward, motivation, and personality theory, it’s a good fit for those who want to apply its knowledge in the workforce. Among today’s various fields, there’s no industry like human resource that can fully utilize psychology for industrial and organizational purposes.

Psychology Improves Recruitment Selection Methods

In order to hire the right people, you have to have the right tools. This is where psychology comes in since it can provide different methods of assessment such as personality tests, behavioral interviews, and many more.

Employee Motivation and Relations

Motivation and employee relations are key aspects of the workforce. Psychology zeroes in on what could compel to stay at a job or what will it take to satisfy their sense of belongingness in a workplace. Without knowing the main drivers for these two, you’ll have a disengaged pool of employees at best with a high turnover rate.

Human Resource Strategies

For any HR personnel to be able to draw a good strategy for their employees, they need to have a basic knowledge of the inner workings of people. Psychology is able to provide this kind of learning and more so it’s very much imperative to HR planning.

Better Performance Management

If you want to know how to better manage and improve the performance of your workforce, psychology gives you the foundation to do so. When it comes to working with people, there are many processes and interactions involved and knowing which approach works best is a questions that can be more adeptly answered with psychological concepts.

The Benefit of Psychology in Human Resources

Researchers Xuan Wang and George Yancey states that “For human resource executives with little formal training in human resources, an investment in an I-O psychology or human resources master’s degree might yield rich dividends for their organizations.”

Indeed, one of the ways psychology can have a long lasting impact on improving human resource practices is to select or promote individuals who are knowledgeable about the field and how it can be translated to effective HR practices, such as employee selection, workforce engagement, and many other workplace issues.


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