In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, time is of the essence.

This is what Happy for HR speaker, Eric Concepcion, focused on during his talk last Thursday, October 10, 2019. He shared that Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, maximizes 10 seconds to be his best and win in his competitions.

And like Bolt, employees should also be in their peak performance during work hours. It may sound a little daunting for employees as they have longer hours but it is possible. We can all try to be corporate athletes and do our best like Usain Bolt.

How can employees be like Usain Bolt?

Here is where HR professionals come in: performance management. It’s always best to check the pulse of the company and see how we can bring life to our workplace.

HR professionals also have to be corporate athletes themselves and take the extra mile to connect with the employees. By doing this, we are encouraging our employees to also become a better version of themselves.

Communication is essential: yearly evaluations are a thing of the past. Especially with Millenials today, it’s best to give feedback every time possible: after projects, milestones, and the like. One way is chatting with them that they’re doing a great job or as simple as a smiley face can be a way to validate their works.

Above all these, we should know what our targets and goals are. Usain Bolt knows that he needs to run less than 10 seconds to win the competition. And as we strive to be corporate athletes, good communication with our managers can help us achieve that too.


After-work essentials: eat, sleep, exercise.

We cannot be corporate athletes if we do not take care of ourselves. Even Usain Bolt takes time for exercise and self-care before and after competitions.

For us employees, exercise too can help us achieve our peak performance. Exercising brings out energy which can spread throughout the office. This energy can help everyone become engaged at work.

Some may say they have no time to exercise but Eric showed that it is possible.
You can do push-ups while browsing on social media (which he did during the talk), do burpees or even start with a light 5 minutes of brisk walking. Whatever form you choose, every step counts.

Aside from exercise, eating right is a crucial aspect of achieving peak performance. Food gives us energy levels that we also bring to the organization. Eric Concepcion shared that the ideal food combination is:
Carbs = 35%, Proteins = 35%, Fats= 30%

Sleeping should also not be overlooked since it is also important to improve the employees’ mindset. One tip to bear in mind is to have consistent sleep, whether you only 5 hours of sleep or 8 hours of sleep, so that your body’s circadian rhythm is not disturbed.

With all these in mind, we can create corporate athletes and we can all strive to be corporate athletes ourselves – bringing in our best performance to work every time.

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