Managing a team at work is an equally big responsibility as that of managing a household. It comes with certain expectations, such as showing leadership and being the role model at all times, being able to manage troubled employees, and more, while also ensuring the operations are running in tip top shape.

Everything can be easy at times, but what if it’s you who isn’t in tip top shape? What if it’s the operations at home that needs work and it adds up an extra weight on your shoulders, making it hard for you to perform well in the office? Family issues such as financial or marital ones can definitely put on more stress than usual, and this is the reality for many.

Below are five suggestions we’ve summed up to help keep the leadership on point while also juggling a household crisis.

Consider Opening It up to Authority

As a leader, you never want your subordinates to see your vulnerabilities. However, holding your problem for too long further aggravates the stress you feel and can cloud decision-making judgments. The best person to consult is your immediate boss. In the same way that your subordinates could use your advise when they are having setbacks, you could benefit greatly by talking to your seasoned boss. It will be beneficial if your superior has an understanding of what is going on within his or her team so he or she is able to manage expectations, and even help you on how to juggle the weight of the issues you are currently dealing with.

Spend Time with People Outside Work

When you’re avoiding certain situations at home and from emotions getting even more heated, sometimes it is best to not head straight there after work.

Run to your trusted support system outside of it instead. These are your friends

Beer session with college buddies? Just make sure it’s on a Friday night.


For the record, you’re still under the company’s payroll and it expects nothing but the best from you. There are times when you just have to do it, zero excuses.

Leadership is about pulling yourself together even when you’re struggling. Remember that everyone faces adversities, but it shouldn’t mess with your performance. Tell yourself, “I can be a worrywart again, but not for the next 9 hours.”

Practice meditation techniques

Everyone has a different way of releasing stress.

To help clear your head, you can try meditation techniques. These few minutes could spell out the difference for you and your mood. Distance yourself from all distractions, listen to music, or just spend quality time for yourself.

Choose Your Family, Above All

If the home situation is too complicated that you can’t function effectively in your job, then taking a time-out can be the best thing to do. This helps preserve your reputation as a vital person in the company.

You can always find a decent job elsewhere, but family is irreplaceable.

Ever got caught up with family problems? What did you do? Did you take time off work or were you able to continue work with the least amount of distraction? Your personal experience is more than welcome in our comment section.


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