In charge of recruiting talent for your company? If you are, then it looks like easier workdays are ahead. Last week, Google has publicly launched Hire, a tool that will change the way small and medium businesses discover and manage their job applicants.

Before the launch, recruitment teams had only 2 choices: to bounce between different tools or to use legacy talent acquisition apps. A lot of time was spent on syncing application files, searching for application updates, searching for applicants with the perfect mix of skills, and waiting for interview feedback.

Hire speeds things up. According to Berit Johnson, Google Cloud Senior Product Manager, the newest addition to Google Suite “makes it easy for you identify talent, build strong candidate relationships, and efficiently manage the interview process end-to-end.”

But how exactly does Hire do those things? Let’s look at some of its features.

Hire integrates with other G Suite Apps

Hire works alongside Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets. If your company uses Gmail, prepare to be amazed; recruitment-related emails get synced automagically between the email app and Hire. There will be less clutter in your inbox, too, because Hire lets you see all the conversations that your team has with an applicant. No need to Bcc everyone.

Hire allows you to see interviewers’ schedules side by side. Its integration with Google Calendar allows you to know whether interviewers accepted or declined your interview invitation or whether an interview schedule has changed. The app also provides recruitment data, which you can export to Google Sheets for analysis and presentation.

Quick and easy feedback

With Hire, you’ll be able to talk to your teammates about applicants on those applicants’ profiles. You’ll also have a view of resumes as you enter your interview notes and feedback. You can see your teammates’ notes and feedback, too, but to help you avoid giving a biased comment or simply agreeing to what others had to say, you’ll have to submit your feedback first. And you can do so from any device.

The app also has custom email templates, which makes it easier and faster for you to communicate with applicants individually or in groups.

Hiring process customization

Let’s say it’s your first time to hire someone for a certain position. How will you screen applicants? What process will you follow?

Hire gives its users the capability to design application processes. Now, all you’ll have to do is to refer to the hiring stages and requirements that a colleague or your senior did, assuming it’s your first time to recruit for a post. Hire also lets you customize your interview rating system, which means that everyone will be able to share, i.e. see and use, the same feedback scale.

Finding and rediscovering the perfect candidates

But what really sets Hire apart is the fact that it’s made by a search engine company. You’ll have the entire internet as your reference. Hire has an in-app Google Search that automatically gives you links to applicants’ profiles on LinkedIn, Behance (portfolio website), and Stack Overflow (developer community). Searching for candidates with a job title as your keyword would give you the profiles of applicants with the right mix of skills for that job title. No need to elaborate.

Hire also lets you see the profiles of past applicants who are qualified for your current openings. With this feature, you’ll be able to foster long-term ties with talented professionals, not just see good people go once a screening process comes to a close.

Hire is currently being offered only to US-based companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Here’s hoping that it becomes available in the Philippines soon!


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