As organizations transition into the “New Normal”, all eyes are on HR.  Now more than ever before, the role that HR plays within an organization has become integral to its success.

HR Nation Philippines surveyed over 125 HR professionals to identify the changes in HR trends and understand the shift in HR priorities in Philippine organizations, brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. This original research plays an important role by monitoring transformations during this unprecedented time.

It is significant to gather and document how organizations transcended to ensure business continuity and recovery. Other organizations can benchmark from these trailblazers.

Objectives of the Study

This pulse survey specifically aims to:

  • gather firsthand unbiased responses from HR persons currently working in small, medium, and large organizations;
  • determine the various initiatives carried out by HR in response to changes at work due to COVID19 and in transitioning to the new normal.

Summary of Findings

The survey focused on key HR processes most affected by the new working arrangements due to the pandemic. The research was able to gather current raw sentiments and real situations of actively engaged HR professionals. The collated responses arranged from   top choices to the least reflect the current state of HR; a study on gaps and needed requirements. Below are the findings for each area covered by the survey questions:

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