CEOs depend on their company’s Human Resources to achieve success.  Does HR drive the necessary change, or are they being driven by it?This year, Salarium has launched a new initiative for passionate HR professionals: the HR Nation Masterclass. It is a series of bi-monthly educational seminars dedicated to deeply tackle a variety of important HR topics and ideas.

The first batch of HR Nation Masterclass was held both in Manila and Cebu, titled “Reinventing HR: Turbo Charging the Culture!” It covered how HR practitioners can facilitate the progression of a company’s culture into something that’s value-driven, result-based, and contributes to their organization’s bottom line.

The Manila session


For HR veteran Jeffrey Dela Cerna, our Manila speaker, businesses don’t create valuepeople do. Thus, he encouraged the HR attendees to forge a new relationship with employees by providing them a more authentic experience of growth in the workplace that eventually leads to a deeper commitment.

Here’s a downloadable copy of the presentation used in Manila: TURBO-CHARGING-THE-CULTURE-MANILA.pdf

The Manila session was held on February 27, 2020, at ASpace Greenbelt – The Gallery.


The Cebu session


Our Cebu speaker, HR expert Michael Godinez, emphasized that HR should always be flexible and approachable. He shared his personal experiences in how he made his bosses listen to  HR on implementing changes for a more comfortable working environment. He also gave tips on how to deal with millennial employees.

Here’s a downloadable copy of the presentation used in Cebu: TURBO-CHARGING-THE-CULTURE-CEBU.pdf

The Cebu session was held on March 12, 2020, at The Ark at Union Bank, Insular Life Building.


In both sessions, it was emphasized that HR should pave the way for change in their companies. HR practitioners should focus on developing Organizational, Talent, and Leadership activities. For Organizational strategies, they must develop technological, health, and engagement plans. For Talent and Leadership, they must develop employee competency, values development, strategic leadership, career and wellbeing, and succession plans. 

Attendees were also reminded that if it takes too long for these programs to be implemented, the purpose of change will be defeated.

Attendees share their learning


“I find the topic really timely because my company is preparing for growth, which we can only do if we have a strong human resource foundation,” Peter of Magallanes Management Corporation shared. “As a family company, we started with having informal channels but we want to transform the work culture in which everything is professionalized.”

“The topic validates what our company is doing right now, which is prioritizing our employees,” Vera of KOOAPS told our team. “As a tech business, we always try to change and innovate what we can do for our employees and customers.”


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