Surviving the Impact of a Global Pandemic on Businesses_Surviving the Impact of a Global Pandemic on Businesses

Undoubtedly, the global pandemic has brought businesses and industries to a halt resulting in a huge percentage of job loss. Regardless of the industry and size of the company, all of us were, at some point, adversely affected by the pandemic.

Since the lockdown, majority of the workforce had no choice but to work from home. As governments ease their border restrictions and acclimate to the new normal, some organizations are transitioning back to on-site workforce arrangements.

The workforce coming back from total isolation must have brought them to a different level of paranoia. The new normal required us to wear face masks and face shields inside the offices and establishments at all times and keep our workstations one meter apart from one another. The impact of the global pandemic has genuinely changed how we interact in the workplace.

A sweeping change

Surviving the Impact of a Global Pandemic on Businesses_Surviving the Impact of a Global Pandemic on Businesses

Perhaps, few of the most critical steps companies must take to manage communication effectively despite social distancing, take preventive measures inside the workplace, and prepare for emergencies. In taking preventive measures, companies must make sure employees are safe from the virus when reporting on-site. This means continuous reminder of following safety protocols in the offices and constant improvement of safety measures.

It’s crucial for an organization not to cause panic and fear in the workplace to ensure that its work productivity is not compromised. This suggests that companies should keep improving safety protocols in the workplace, such as minimizing physical contact as much as possible. Disinfection of common areas and surfaces must always be practiced. One way to further keep the virus from spreading is to automate safety protocols to minimize physical contact.

With the new strain of COVID-19, automation of safety protocols, and timekeeping attendance might just be the best decision during the pandemic. Wearing face masks and face shields and social distancing are only a few necessary safety measures we take every day. Switching to a touchless timekeeping system further prevents the contraction and transmission of the virus within the workplace.

As we have witnessed, businesses and organizations have struggled to cope with the global pandemic’s effects. The rise of COVID-19 cases has compromised lives and jobs. Organizations must take bolder safety measures to beat the pandemic. We at Salarium promote a safe workplace environment. Our latest solution supports businesses in their back-to-work strategies towards the new normal. To significantly reduce physical contact without sacrificing convenience and efficiency, we bring you FacePass: Salarium’s Touchless Time and Attendance Solution.

Our solution to yours


We want to let you know that you can now safely automate the requirement of wearing face masks, thermal scanning, and attendance monitoring with our new service, FacePass: Salarium’s touchless time and attendance solution.

FacePass is Salarium’s Touchless Time and Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech. This service automates your workplace’s safety entry protocols and efficiently monitors your employees’ time and attendance at the same time—all without the need for physical contact.

FacePass features an advanced facial recognition device that can even detect face masks, scan body temperature, and record clock-ins at the same time. It is seamlessly integrated into Salarium’s timekeeping system so you can easily track and manage shifts, schedules, overtimes, undertimes, and leaves; and complete attendance reports instantly.

FacePass is a time and attendance solution under Salarium’s Transparent Timekeeping module. This service will be offered as a standalone solution but can be optionally integrated with Salarium’s Effortless Payroll module.
Let us change the world together. Switch to our touchless time and attendance solution, take the switch to Facepass. For more information, you may visit our website:


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