Being a recruiter is an important job and your decisions on who to hire or not will help shape the company you’re working for. In order to have a highly skilled workforce that’s also a right fit for your organization, it’s imperative that you have the below skills at your disposal.

Technical Understanding of a Job

At a basic level, you should be able to understand the core needs of a job—what it entails and what kind of person would best fit a specific role. This is especially true for technical jobs such as in IT and engineering. If you come from a completely different background, try to increase your knowledge of the job role by interviewing current people in the position or who knows the position. This ensures you’ll be able to snag someone who’s proficient in the areas they need to work on.

Communication Skills

As a recruiter, it’s imperative that you have an above average communication skills. Since you’ll be interacting and listening to countless applicants, you have to know your way in and out of speaking with others. Part of communication skills is knowing how to listen, reading body language, and saying things with tact even if you have to relay bad news.

Problem Solving Skills

There will inevitably some instances in your work that you have to improvise or quickly find a solution. Having problem solving skills ensure that you can work out any kinks along the way even if it means scrambling for an answer at the last minute.

These top three must-have skills can pave the way to being a good recruiter who knows how to recognize talent.


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