We all know the basic rule: happy employees function better and blossom within the company. This saves the company from incurring unnecessary retention costs. Good pay, enjoyable office environment, and adequate management support are fundamental to boosting employee morale.

But how do you take that up a notch? At some point, employees will need extra layers of appreciation and gratitude.

Here are some tips to help you uplift your employees’ morale as HR manager.

Get rid of the stigma on socializing

Managers are inclined to expect no less than quality work from their direct reports. That’s the reason why the modern workplace is filled with people staring uninterruptedly at their screens for at least 8 hours a day. And that’s also the reason why, up to this day, chitchats and socializing in the office are viewed negatively.

Why? Because management teams see them as the culprits behind lost productivity.

However, trying to eliminate the human factor at work won’t pay dividends in the long run. The cheapest and simplest way to fend off workplace stress is to let employees enjoy casual conversations with each other. These random conversations recharge your people and cultivate positive feelings across departments.

Instead of telling employees that socializing is evil, convince them to do it when needed. This way, you’ll promote stronger working relationships that are key to effective collaboration.

Still not convinced? Check out Chron’s blog article about the benefits of socializing at work.

Hang out together after work

Socializing is done best when the work clock isn’t ticking. Instead of immediately rushing home on Fridays, why don’t you organize TGIF nights for employees?

The goal is to make your employees treat workmates as family extensions, rather than mere co-workers.

What’s in it for the business? Because employees have something exciting to look forward to after work, you can expect them to be thrilled and in a pleasant mood during work hours.

Don’t know what kind of event to organize? Take suggestions from employees through your group chat room or email.

Take time to celebrate special days and milestones

Employees will feel that you genuinely care about them if you join them in celebrating important dates in their lives and in the company. It’s important not to miss events like birthdays, weddings, promotions, and work anniversaries.

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can put greetings, well-wishes, and congratulatory messages on the company’s bulletin board. You can send an email birthday greeting or decorate people’s desk on their anniversary dates.

Organize one-on-one meetings

Yes, some employees are more confident in airing their concerns in team meetings than in one-on-one discussions. But as HR manager, it’s your role to win your own employees’ trust. Through one-on-one meetings, you can unearth employees’ personal feelings towards work, colleagues, and company policies. You nip a potential issue in the bud before it blows out of proportion.

Wavelength’s blog article about the importance of one-on-ones provides some tactics on how to manage employees’ trust in such meetings:

  • Affirm your employee’s perspective first.
  • Disclose your weaknesses.
  • Be unconditionally on your employee’s side, even (and especially) when giving him or her blunt feedback about opportunities for growth.
  • Respect your employee as a person, not just as a performer of tasks.

Organizing personal meetings makes employees think their insights are valued. Do it with everyone, not just with team leaders and key personnel.

Give employees something to care about

Give employees a good cause to believe in and support. Organize or promote charity and social-cause events. Encouraging employees to take part in corporate social responsibility convinces them that they’re doing something worthwhile.

Embracing advocacies will also help you engage and attract millenial employees. Based on research, young workers have an inborn passion for supporting causes they care about.

Have other ideas on how to boost employees’ morale? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below!


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