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Physical touch is a natural thing to us humans. A pat on the back, a friendly handshake, a consoling hug, and a celebratory high-five are all we do to build camaraderie with friends, loved ones, and colleagues. However, since the pandemic broke out, physical touch is now strongly advised to be avoided.

Spaces in public places such as offices are disinfected from time to time since the time we learned that the COVID-19 lives on surfaces for several hours to several days. As much as extreme as it sounds, physical touch, whether with our loved ones or surfaces and objects, must be avoided at all costs.

Now that we are aware that COVID-19 does not only spread through fluid transmission but also surfaces, more safety precautions must be followed. Some public establishments like malls and restaurants have even initiated various solutions like QR codes so that visitors can log their information and avoid the virus’s spread by dismissing manual log-ins. By minimizing physical contact with people and highly-touched surfaces and objects, we reduce the chances of catching and spreading the virus.

Most of us lucky to have a skeletal workforce arrangement doesn’t have to worry about manual clock-ins and clock-outs. However, for others who are required to report on-site for work, highly-touched surfaces must be at all times avoided. Safety measures in the workplace are now being practiced, like setting workplaces one meter apart from each other and wearing face masks is required all the time.


Why you must go as touchless as possible in the workplace_why you must go as touchless as possible in the workplace-01

We are at risk of getting infected every time we touch something, and our workplace is not an exception⁠—from our usual biometric devices used for log-ins and door access to pens and logbooks. This has caused a lot of employees to be hesitant in physically reporting back for work. Simple lapses in the sanitation of surfaces can cause a dangerous viral breakout.

The biometrics attendance system is something we cannot completely avoid. A system like this, being a highly-touched surface, is something we must consider replacing. A touchless timekeeping system is a perfect alternative. This type of timekeeping system will decrease the employees’ chances of contracting and spreading the virus.

Having to go to work while taking health and safety protocols can sometimes be exhausting. Some of us might forget to take the necessary precautions when we are in a high-stress work environment. Consequently, organizations must take the initiative to minimize physical contact in the workplace, such as completely disregard the biometrics timekeeping system and going for a touchless one.

To significantly reduce physical contact in your office without sacrificing the convenience and efficiency of automation, Salarium brings you FacePass: a Touchless Time & Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech: Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology.

The FacePass Solution


We want to let you know that you can now safely automate the requirement of wearing face masks, thermal scanning, and attendance monitoring with our new service, FacePass: Salarium’s touchless time and attendance solution.

FacePass is Salarium’s Touchless Time and Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech. This service automates your workplace’s safety entry protocols and efficiently monitors your employees’ time and attendance at the same time—all without the need for physical contact.

It features an advanced facial recognition device that can even detect face masks, scan body temperature, and record clock-ins at the same time. It is seamlessly integrated into Salarium’s timekeeping system so you can easily track and manage shifts, schedules, overtimes, undertimes, and leaves; and complete attendance reports instantly.

FacePass is a time and attendance solution under Salarium’s Transparent Timekeeping module. This service will be offered as a standalone solution but can be optionally integrated with Salarium’s Effortless Payroll module.Let us change the world together. Switch to our touchless time and attendance solution, take the switch to Facepass. For more information, you may visit our website: https://www.salarium.com/facepass/.


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