Here’s a horror story for you: there is a ghost in your office.

He lingers in vacant workstations. One of which was occupied the day before by an employee who just came back from a sick leave. He’s now gone missing – again.

He stays in the office without even touching anything. You can’t hear a single mouse click. His papers even remain in place.

However, at the end of the day, you can confirm the ghost’s presence through his time card. He timed in and out on that day, but you haven’t even seen him at all. What is this mystery?

Another horror story in two words: Manila traffic.

Everyone knows how it steals away everyone’s precious hours, so it’s no surprise if you arrive late at work due to a hellish traffic jam just like Zoe. However, apart from the traffic, she has been complaining about something else too.

She has been ranting about how Diane gets the same pay as her when she always comes an hour later due to the very same reason – traffic.

Zoe is actually from Bulacan, but she manages to reach their Makati office on time. As for Diane, well, no one can be too sure how she does it.

Stories such as these sometimes get out of hand. Which is why attendance tracking should never be taken for granted.

Reasons for Employee Absence

While it’s a fact that employee absences are inevitable, there are some employees who will not come it to work for other flimsy reasons and worse, abuse their leave benefits.

Here are some of the common reasons for employee absence:

  • illnesses or injury;
  • personal or attitude problems;
  • reasons relating to family, community or social problems;
  • weather and commuting issues; and
  • no pressure to show up for work

Negative Effects of Employee Absenteeism and Tardiness

You already know that being absent or even being an hour late wastes not only time, but also money.

Here are the other reasons why this can badly affect the company, especially if it’s a small business:

  • absences kill productivity;
  • absences can cost up to an average of 35% of payroll;
  • absenteeism means other employees fill in and work overtime;
  • lack of staff may lead to unhappy customers; and
  • problems with office morale that leads to more cases of buddy punching (one worker timing in and out for another), time abuse, lateness, and leaving early

Despite these scenarios, you have to stay on the of the situation and remember that  horror stories end in happy endings as long as you find a solution to the problem.

Fortunately, there are solutions to  absenteeism and tardiness at work such as  attendance tracking software.

What is Attendance Tracking Software?

Attendance tracking software is an automated way of tracking employees’ clock  ins and outs through an app. It ditches the past systems based on time cards and sheets.

A web bundy clock and a mobile app makes clock ins and clock outs a breeze, with just a click and a tap whenever and wherever you are. It also lets employees effortlessly create and submit their own timesheets.

Moreover, HR admins like you will not have to worry about buddy punching cases anymore. A biometric system helps make sure people who timed in are authentically present in the office with its fingerprint scan.

The Benefits of Using an Attendance Tracking Software

Having an attendance tracking software is a more progressive and efficient way of tracking attendance. Below is a list of the benefits of having such system in place:

  • identify workers with attendance issues;
  • manage policies to lower compliance risk;
  • calculate the cost of sudden absences;
  • reduce the risk of human error;
  • increase security and productivity;
  • prevent buddy punching and other forms of time theft;
  • reduce labor costs caused by inaccurate time reporting and other problems;
  • track rates and reasons for the absences and tardiness;
  • increase employee satisfaction;
  • make reviews, approvals, and addressing absence requests faster;
  • create a culture of good attendance;
  • learn attendance changes over different time periods;
  • Prevent issues such as unacceptable behavior, inconsistent discipline, complaints of favoritism;
  • spend less time on payroll;
  • keep everyone up to date about their remaining leaves;
  • spend less time going through paperwork;
  • keep yourself away from legal trouble with accurate records; and
  • going digital means saving business costs associated with paper, ink, and fax machines.

Eliminating Buddy-Punching Cases

Now that the company from the aforementioned case has already switched to an attendance tracking app, the HR admin realized how Zoe has always been on time for work. On the other hand, Diane has been late several times late within the given month, and also a few during the past few months. Her total hours of tardiness and its cost to the company are also viewable in the app.

As for the case of the ghost floating around the office, he finally showed up in the flesh. After the installation of the biometric system, whoever his friend is, can no longer clock in or out on his behalf as the system needs to scan fingerprints to authenticate and to clock in.

Automation Breeds Productivity

With an app like Salarium’s SAL Time, you’ll have accurate data for employees’ attendance accessible at all times. It doesn’t only cover absences and tardiness, but cases of undertime and overbreak as well. You can also set up daily work hours, shifts per department, and rules covering leaves and tardiness.

Don’t blame yourself if you haven’t figured all this out sooner. It’s never too late to start switching to an automated software for a stress-free, fast, and efficient attendance-tracking.

Share your buddy-punching woes and at the comments section below. Also, if you have switched to an automated attendance-tracking software, let us know how it has helped your company solve attendance issues.


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